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We all love to believe the worst about big companies, but people should use common sense when they see a message claiming that a company publicly declares something extraordinarily controversial. The truth is that companies are astoundingly timid about all public statements. They would never publicly announce anything to make their stock price fall, or give their competitors an advantage.

Proctor & Gamble is not run by the Church of Satan.
Liz Claiborne does not donate its profits to the Church of Satan
Click here to read what the Church of Satan has to say about itself.

Tommy Hilfiger did not confess racism on Opra. 

The web is wonderful. It is very easy to become reasonably informed about any topic, no matter how technical, with just a few mouse clicks. Take advantage of this resource, and ease your anxiety about the products you use.

Sodium Laural Sulfate (SLS) is the chemical name for ordinary soap. You should use it to wash out a hoaxer's mouth.

Antiperspirants are not a known cause of cancer. 

Your pet is safe when Febreeze used as directed.


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