To: Allen, Ursula
Subject: FWD: Something Serious
Date: Monday, January 27, 1997 10:15AM

From: LRICHARDSON "Lisa Richardson" 27-JAN-1997 10:24
To: nfeaster,pallen,ksmith,jford,dgodbolt,mjohnson,jbrown,kisom,charrell
CC: dmanning,wrock,aschoolfield,mwilliams,csmith,dwatkins
Subj: FWD: Something Serious


Can you believe this.... it was forwarded to me from a friend...

Over the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, I had the pleasure and opportunity to
participate in "The Road that Led to Freedom" trip, sponsored by V-103, 106
Jamz, Seaway National Bank, Southwest Airlines, Ameritech and other sponsors.
During this trip, we visited Birmingham, Selma, Tuskeegee, Montgomery and
Atlanta. I cannot begin to explain what an enlightening experience this was!
We went through various cities becoming even more familiar with Dr. King's (as
well as other civil rights leaders) mission and vision. We also were privileged
to gain an abundance of information regarding the "foot soldiers" who assisted
our leaders during the movement. There was, in particular, an issue which was
brought up that will effect EVERYONE so, please read on.

As everyone should be aware, in 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the
Voters Rights Act. This was created to allow Blacks the right to vote.

In 1982, President Ronald Reagan signed an amendment to extend this right for an
additional twenty-five years. You guessed it... In 2007 (ten years from now),
Congress will decide whether or not Blacks should retain the right to vote. In
order for this to be passed, thirty-eight states will have to approve an
extension. For me, as well as many others, this was the first time that we had
heard this -- thus, bringing concern to all of us! What many Blacks before us
fought and even died for as well as the milestones that we, as Blacks have
achieved, this can be taken away from us...AGAIN!

If this issue has taken you by surprise as well, I encourage YOU to contact your
Congressperson, alderperson, senator -- anyone in government, that you put your
vote behind and ask them what are they doing to -- firstly, to get the extension
and furthermore, make our right to vote a LAW. This has to become a law in
order for our right to vote to no longer be up for discussion, review and/or
evaluation. (Remember: Blacks are the only group of people who require
permission under the United States Constitution to vote!)

Secondly, ask your representative how can we as Black individuals make our voice
a louder one and become a foot soldier of the present! Bonnie DeShong, co-host
of V-103's "The Monds Squad", who was also surprised to hear of this, will be
recapping this weekend's events on the afternoon show. John Davis of V-103 and
CBS will also have excerpts of this trip aired on Channel 2 during Black History
Month (dates to be determined).

As Black people, we cannot "drop the ball" on this one! We have come too far to
be forced to take such a large step back. So, please let's push on and forward
to continue to build the momentum towards gaining equality.

Please pass this on to others, as I am sure that many more individuals are not
aware of this.