Subject:      Kidney Theft Crosses the Border

From: (barry)

Date:         1996/12/20

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Organization: San Diego State University Computing Services

Newsgroups:   alt.folklore.urban

A mutation so natural that I should have seen it coming has occurred in the

kidney theft story.  I live in San Diego, a very large American city with

a pronounced military presence.  Downtown Tijuana, Mexico, lies a mere

30 minutes away, and is a prime partying hub for well-paid soldiers 

who are under the legal drinking age.  A friend of mine heard from her 

boss on a naval base the harrowing tale of the sailor from that very base

who got slipped a bad drink in TJ and woke up missing both kidneys.  This 

version included the usual bathtub full of ice, and "Call 9-1-1" scrawled 

in lipstick on the mirror. 

It's interesting to me that the cocaine-stuffed-baby UL was also told

recently involving a border location in Texas, where short 

excursions across the border for shopping seem commonplace.  

Has anyone heard other stories with border-crossing themes? 

-Kate "bordering on a trend" Barry