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Kidney Theft

There is a new version of an old legend going around where a person is lured into situation where he wakes up in a tub of ice with his kidneys stolen. For some reason, various people are particularly insistent that their version is true.

There are versions where it happens in Texas, India and Tijuana. The only one that is even remotely realistic is the Version set in Washington DC.

This story is a hoax.
Various observable facts make this clear:
Like the best Urban Legends, the story is weeks old, but every version you hear mentions "yesterday" or "last weekend"
Like the best Urban Legends, there are never
specific names of specific victims like "Charles Hymes of San Jose CA"
specific dates like "Monday Jan 21st 1997"
specific clubs like "The Applebees at 1500 El Camino Real in Santa Clara CA"
specific hotels like "The Red Rose Inn of Sunnyvale CA"
specific hospitals like "Santa Clara Emergency, Dr. Kent Siner attending" etc.

Like the best urban legends, The people are acquaintances, brothers in law, friends, etc
Like the best urban legends, The other details mutate randomly, students into sailors, businessmen whatever, as if these attacks are happening all the time, but they are not reported in a single story in a established newspaper, TV show, radio news, or magazine. If this had happened even two times, the news media would be hysterical about it, because right now, there are no other domestic stories worth broadcasting or printing.

Transplantation is deadly serious. Please do your best to stop these myths.


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