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There are a few new hoaxes that play upon the sympathy of people, and they are making their way around the world.

The first chain letter has the subject "MAY HEAVEN LET THE LIGHT SHINE DOWN ON YOU" and claims that it is the dying wish of a young boy to have a chin letter go around the world forever. But look at the header....

From: Anthony Parkin

>>>>> Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 12:46:46 +0800

>>>>> To: Amy E Nygaard

>>>>> Subject: My dying wish

This message is a forgery! "Anthony Parkin" posted from a FAKE ADDRESS! there isn't even a ""!

The second chain letter is in essence the same, but this time it is a little boy dying of cancer. The twist is that the letter claims that if you forward the message, a donation will be made to the American Cancer Society (ACS).
The truth is, there is no way to track the forwarding of messages as they are sent. So this is clearly just a ploy to continue the hoax. Check out the ACS's response.


 There is practically no reason to forward any messages to "as many people as possible".  No matter  what the message may claim about the need for sympathy, goodwill, condemnation or action, if you can't verify that the message is true, its likely that someone is trying to make a fool of you.

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