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If you can vouch for these, Please let me know. No kids need your email as last wish or to save their lives. True or not, these are great stories at parties. Melissa didn't change anything. You can't get a virus just by reading an e-mail. But never open any attachments!

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Gangs and Flashing Headlights

Kidney Theft


Vermin (Rats, Roaches, & Snakes)

No, no one sat on a needle in a movie theatre and got HIV. Nope, you are not getting the secret recipe for a corporate giant's product. Please continue to warn motorists that their headlights are out. When the babe in the bar asks you home, Bust a Move. Sorry, I won't send you a virus. They are still more afraid of you than you are of them.

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Proctor & Gamble is not run by the Church of Satan. There was no racism confession on Opra. Anti-Perspirant is not a known cause of cancer. Your pet is safe when Febreeze used as directed. Don't forward Email, Microsoft, Disney and the GAP are not giving away stuff for free. If you ever have any questions about any laws that are before congress, go to http://thomas.loc.gov/bss/d105query.html and read the legislation yourself. They are not going to tax modems or the internet. They are not going to ban religious stations either.